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Greece Getaway :: Santorini II

Day II in Santorini, basically day III in Greece.

Our day II in Santorini was a fruitful one! In fact, we went on an Island road trip. Before starting our long day, we had a wonderful classic Greek lunch at MAMA Restaurant in town. Two dishes that I marked as favourites from that day on are Moussaka - made of luscious layers of juicy minced beef layered with eggplants and topped with creamy bechamel sauce, and baked altogether until golden perfection; and, Chicken Souvlaki - a popular street food, skewers with pita bread and creamy tzatziki sauce! dayumm yum .. :p

Renting a car in Santorini is a piece of cake. All you ever need are a legit driving license, money, and yourself to drive the car, or simply get a friend who knows how to drive. Of course, you also need a map to get to different places. Santorini is not hard to travel around by car, the places we went were only roughly 20 minutes away from each other, and voila, the next thing you know you have arrived the end of the road.

Our first stop was Pyrgos Kallistis. It was only about 12 minutes away by car from Fira.

It is a small, peaceful village with fewer tourists - I'd say it is a hidden treasure! You wouldn't be amazed until you entered its winding streets, and then discovered those beautiful little streets and squares. The village was surprisingly clean, and very serene to stroll around in the early afternoon, see the sights, as well as catch glimpses of the locals' lifestyles.

So.. if you like strolling in the peaceful atmosphere with unique photo opportunity around every corner like me, try squeeze it in even if you have a busy schedule. (:

Our second stop was the Red Beach, at the tail end of the road to Ancient Akrotiri where it situated on the southwest side of Santorini. This beach gotta be the most unusual one of all beaches I've been to. It earns its name from the iron-rich rocks in the cliff, and the red sand. But, in my view, it is more like the contrast of colour - different shades of brown, particularly mahogany brown with vibrant blend of red tone that has the elements of both unique and exotic.

To get to the beach, we had to climb over the very rocky trails in order to get there. I had to walk and kind of climb extremely slow, step by step and bit by bit, to ensure that I did not rip my dress in the public. And tbh, it was quite unsafe to walk along the edge of the cliff to get down to the beach (heels or even a bit of heights are a big NO, don't even think to try at all!) But, this destination is still a-must see - breathtaking natural phenomenon! :p

We were lucky that it wasn't crowded the time we went there around three in the afternoon, probably it was too deadly to even come out for sunbathe. No joke, it was really hot that I can literally felt my skin being barbecued at that hour. However, up close, there were still women sunbathing topless - pretty common across Europe. Just not my thing.

After a hike in the hot afternoon, what else beats a cup of delicious fruit smoothies? (besides a pint of extra cold beer.. :p)

Our third destination was the Akrotiri Lighthouse located on the southern end of Santorini.

I wasn't impressed by the lighthouse itself, but rather the scenic view of clear ocean that surrounds the lighthouse. It was as seems a great place to see the sunset, but we were there too early so we were only able to catch sight of the moon.

Our second last stop was the Black Pebble Beach in Kamari and/or Perissa.

The Black Pebble Beach is on the southeast side of Santorini, another a-must see beach - impressive and organised. It has a long black sand and shingle beach where topless sunbathing is not uncommon. There are also a few taverns, bars and clubs around that gives very relaxed atmosphere. It wasn't sunny, bit windy that made the beach truly lovely! Found myself reluctant to go anywhere once settled on the beach chair with two pints of beers and a bowl of peanuts - very chill.. :D

Our last stop was the old port of Santorini, the Athinios. We didn't able to see much, as it was starting to drizzle as soon as we got there. And it was late in the evening, so we drove back to Fira to continue the rest of our day - dinner and a night out.

Dinner was just mediocre, I had veal in tomato sauce with wine.

After dinner in town, we headed to Two Brothers Bar intended to chill as we heard they are the only place that serves shisha. As soon as we got to the door, our hype mode immediately switched on by the house music and the colourful disco lights that both enlivened our night.

As the night flew till dawn, we had a beautiful night with great music, cocktails, and cinnamon-flavoured shisha made of grey goose bottle there. Man, this place is got to be the most happening nightlife bar in Fira! A place you have to visit if you are thereee.. :D

Until then!

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