Friday, 27 March 2015

BlackLight Run™ // Glowed in Nottingham x

Can't believe it was exactly a month ago we took some sweet time off from our hectic schedule to indulge in a guilt-free fun night of 5K run. We got cray cray painted our faces with UV Neon glow powders and some paints. It was the brightest run I have ever been to, and also will be my last in the UK (this year is my final year and I am due to graduate).

Before we go on with this post, I have a confession to make! :-D  That is, I cheated and didn't finish the 3 miles run but half of the journey at most. Me and my friends just couldn't wait to get even more glowing, so we headed back to the base for more UV Neon powders. Or excuse you could say, we were just a bunch of lazy runners after all, haha. :p

After the race party, we glowed in the dark!

Showered with various UV Neon glow powders, and tadah, we were GLOWING under high beam blacklights!! CREEPY, hope we didn't creeped you out!

By the end, we looked like glowing aliens from another planet. Me on the left, Wancy on the right. This experience was amaaaazing, and it shows how much glow we can handle! :-D

+ I made a short video, it pretty summarised everything! Hope you guys like it xx


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