Friday, 27 March 2015

BlackLight Run™ // Glowed in Nottingham x

Can't believe it was exactly a month ago we took our time off from course works, and indulged in a guilt-free fun night of 5K run and got cray cray with UV Neon glow powders & face paints. It was the brightest run I've ever been to, and also will be my last in the UK (final year and i'm graduating very soon ).

I have a confession to make! :-D We cheated, we didn't finish the 3 miles run but 1-2K at most. We just couldn't wait to get glowing, so we headed back to the base for UV Neon powders. We were a bunch of lazy arses after all, lalala~ :p

After the race party, we glowed in the dark!
Showered with various UV Neon glow powders, and tadah- we GLOWED under high beam blacklights!! (err:-O.. uglyy blue )
Anti-clockwise: Hayley, Wancy, Cobe and I xx

By the end, we looked like glowing aliens from another planet. But didn't care, that was pretty fun once in a lifetime and it shows how much glow we can handle! :-D

+ I made a short video, it pretty summarised everything! Hope you guys like it xx



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