Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Italy :: Venice I ::

Day 3 in Italy : Piazza San Marco, Venice.

Most Italian cities have several piazzas (city squares) with streets radiating from the center, while shops and other businesses are found on piazzas as it is a perfect place to set up a store. As for the St. Mark's square, it is said that Napoleon called San Marco "the drawing room of Europe." True that, the square was wonderful one that topped the piazzas I've been to. Although you know what it is looks like now, but nothing prepares you for when you walk around the square and see it for the first time with your own eyes. It is famous for a reason! (:

We booked a double room at Palazzo Minelli that feature view of the San Luca Canal, and it felt like a small apartment where there are waiting lounge and kitchen right outside of our room - spacious, and very comfortable. Also, it was pretty awesome waking up in the morning the next day, and found myself standing by the window to enjoy such Venetian atmosphere. This B&B is located at a good location as well, there was nothing here we didn't like - it was perfect for what we wanted. (˚▽˚)   

We came back to St. Mark's Square after checked-in our hotel for the bell tower, Campanile di San Marco. The queue was shorter than I expected in the late afternoon, and it didn't take long until our turn to take the elevator all the way up so chillax, no legs fatigue to climb stairs. :D

It costs €8 per person, quite pricey I would say but quick and easy access to the top; And, once at the top exited the elevator to find myself overlooking the city of Venice of 360 degree views around me on the rooftops, 8 euro actually well worth for the incredible views on all four sides as it is said to be the highest tower in the city.

Spectacular views, are they not? :p


After being captured by the awe-inspiring views for an hour over the rooftop, we decided to get out and down because we as human have to eat to fulfill our hunger need. Of course, travel for the good food as well. As we strolled around the city, we found ourselves standing in front of a fine restaurant craving for an authentic Italian cuisine, so we stepped in to be seated. We've ordered two kinds of spaghetti, one of them was squid ink bucatini, the other I don't remember, and a medium-size grilled fish to be shared. Sad to say the dishes we ordered were just mediocre to my liking.

Rialto Bridge, being one of the most iconic site in Venice, is regarded as the true heart of Venice. This landmark bridge characterised by its 24-foot arch is built on approximately 12,000 wooden pilings that still support the bridge more than 400 years after it was built.

St. Mark's Square, Venice, at night -- accompanied by orchestras playing classical music. It was very enjoyable, so romantic as well seeing couples around hugging and slow dancing at night while some preferred to sit and enjoy as time goes by slowly with the rhythm~~! Words couldn't describe any further details on how wonderful the atmosphere was on that night, all I can tell you is my memory of three days two nights in Venice still flows through my mind in an animated technicolour. :O

Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)
We loved the bridge! We came late at night before clock stroke twelve to walk the history and smell the smells, we were glad it wasn't as crowded as during daytime. The view of the Grand Canal from each side of the bridge was breath-taking. A surprise was the capacity of the bridge is strong and wide enough to have a wide walkaway in the middle with two rows of shops on each side. It was stunningly romantic! :D
(っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

It was a lovely walk around the city at night, but before it got too late we had to go back our hotel to recharge our batteries for the next day in Venice to Burano.


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