Thursday, 28 August 2014

Italy :: Rome I ::

Ay-up readers! I've been on the trip for more than a week a couple of months ago, and have visited 3 of the most famous cities in Italy. Rome is one full of history everywhere, also one of the city I've bookmarked way before I came to the UK. I had not done much traveling before I came to England and I knew it will be an excellent choice to study abroad considering the places I wanted to visit outside of my term-time; so, I made it! Rome was the first city I set foot in to discover many ancient monuments, interesting medieval churches and museums, fountains, and Renaissance palaces with my own eyes along with my best companion.

The main façade of the church - Christo Salvatori indicates the church's dedication to "Christ the Saviour".
Soon after we checked-in our hotel and had grab-and-go sandwiches on the way, the first church we had our eyes set on the very first day was Archbasilica of St. John Lateran. It is deemed the oldest Christian church in Rome founded in early 4th century and it houses the Pope's chapel - the church of the Pope! It has no entrance fee, defo a place to worship, sit down respectfully and mediate. I was very much in awe at the scale of the building and not to mention that intricate art has always been my thing since young. The view down the nave past Borromini’s niches with statues of the Apostles to the baldachin over the high altar and the apse with Papal cathedra at the very end was just incredibly magnificent.

I was pretty overwhelmed at the details on the carvings and art works in such beautiful basilica especially the dome of the Lancellotti Chapel with stucco work, I surely took my time around as this church is extravagantly decorated with paintings and stunning sculptures everywhere.

The Ascension of Christ above the Altar of the Blessed Sacrament, frescoed by Giuseppe Cesari.

The Papal cathedra that located in the apse, which makes this basilica the cathedral church of the Diocese of Rome as the cathedral Bishop of Rome. For that very reason, unlike many other Roman basilicas, it holds the title of Archbasilica.

The spectacular set of stairs of Trinità dei Monti well-known as The Spanish Steps is the main attraction between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti, dominated by the Trinità church at the top that's currently under construction. On the square, just below The Spanish Steps, a fountain in the shape of a half-sunken ship of water overflowing its bow best-known as Barcaccia Fountain can be found. It was no surprise to see tourists from different countries and even architecture students taking their time on their seated spots sketching as this daring architectural feat with its intersected ramps and stairs providing the city with a particularly intriguing attraction.

As this attraction is a crowd-pleaser, please beware of those persistent flower peddler who'd pushes a steam or even a bunch of rose to your face and cheats with flowery words for money. I got tricked, and took us quite a while to get away from him. Nevertheless, it was a good experience taking into account we learned his cheeky trick and did not lose anything other than time. ^__^

As we walked away from The Spanish Steps, the area around the square is where to find the most reputable fashion brands and designers in the world such as Dior, Valentino, Hermés, just to name a few. The most well-known shopping street featuring luxury brands would be Via Condotti. :O

After quite a far distance away in search for the largest and the most famous Baroque fountain in the city, Trevi Fountain, we finally found it but at the same time seeing the monument completely surrounded by scaffolding had our high hopes in it crushed to pieces. Having seen the pictures of Trevi Fountain from the Internet for some times it was one of the places I wanted to go most! I literally shouted in surprise at my partner that "It is under refurbishment!" and my mood instantly went dooooooooowwwn T__T. 

When it is fully refurbished, I am sure it will be a beautiful site to see and not to forget to throw a good wish penny!

Hunger kicked in as soon as our hope has been crushed by the news of under refurbishment, so we decided to have snacks around and caught by the smell of pizza fresh from the oven just right next to the attraction! Dry-cured ham has always been one of my favourite food, how could I ever resist it especially accompanied with melted cheese and mushroom! *drool all over again*

To be continue...



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