Monday, 6 January 2014

Cheers to a New Year, 2O14.

Before I go on with Barcelona IV and V, I'd like to share this video I took and composed on NYE during New Year countdown welcoming 2O14 at London Eye.

When comes to video taking and editing, I am not a veteran, but I am no a greenhorn too. Hope y'all don't find my video edit that bad. Needless to say, best to watch in high quality. (;

Another fresh new year is here - another year to live! 
"May the New Year bring you courage to break your resolutions early." 

Allow me to wish you a belated Happy New Year.

xo Shirnie

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Barcelona III :: La Pedrera . Casa Batllo . Beach ::

Right, this is my third post on Barcelona trip. The reason I separated my trip to Barcelona in few posts because I do not want to cram all tourist attractions in one as for me, I love to keep engaging with my readers plus short posts are easily to read. More specifically, I like my blog post as a tidbit repository with short, yet worthy pieces of information being posted. ☺

On one of these day in Barcelona, my friend and I visited this wonderful building named Casa Milà, well known as La Pedreraconstructed by the architect Antoni Gaudí. Frankly speaking, you don't actually have to be a fan of Gaudi or an architecture student/professional in general to appreciate that this buildings is truly a beauty as La Sagrada Família; even if it's just from the outside.

It was nearly the end of the summer when we were there, so it was still kinda warm and we spent an hour or so up there in the mid morning, swept away my very being by the whimsical sculptures and the beautiful views of the city. Astonishing! ♥‿♥

Viva Gaudi !!
Beautifully stunning vaulted attic room, fills with a treasury of explanations of his ideas. What struck me was the design and visual impact as soon as I stepped foot onto the floor. Well worth it, especially the rooftop. I enjoyed every single moment during this visit. :D

I sat outside under the umbrella along the street of the Café de La Pedrera with a brew of aromatic tea and its signature cake whilst my friend continued her tour to exhibition. I wouldn't want to missed out the opportunity to enjoy a gourmet experience that provided me an insights into the city’s culture and the local cuisine on a Gaudí heritage site. It almost felt like I was in heaven, the surrounding totally captured my heart. :*

I ordered its signature cake named The Cake for the Centenary of La Pedrera, where ceilings of Jujul room become merengue on top, white chocolate mousse and black chocolate, both blend with the exotic lychees and balconies are adorned with a crunchy praline in copper. Delightful, indeed.

Before we headed off to the beach in the afternoon, we dropped by Casa Batllo, a remodeled nineteenth century building, one of Gaudí's masterpieces in Barcelona. Just by checking out the exterior can really brightens up the dullest day, don'tcha say so? :p

Though the beach we went ain't the most famous ones, we had a fabulous time nonetheless. Think about it again, I am actually glad we came to this beach instead of Barceloneta beach. Absolutely nuff of space for us to monkeying around without worries. :p

wellwell, now you see what I meant by "monkeying" around. haha.

xo Shirnie

p/s: Three more tourist attractions I'd like to share in next two posts, so stay tuned for Barcelona IV and Barcelona V. Till then, bye-bye! :p