Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Sound of Summer ☀☼

Sun is heating up in the sky with its warmest sun shines in the clear blue sky, there ain't a gloomy cloud in sight. Everyone is in a play, bidding temporary farewell to the darkness of last seasons, where you can see people running around the avenue to see how the city shines brightly, and kids running with undies filled with excitement of getting wet. It is a beautiful day! :D

As for me, I was pretty enjoying and marveling at the unrivaled beauty of nature park. Well I wouldn't say I am a nature-loving person, as I just had a splendid time having a barbecue picnic under the lovely sun in the park with my friends. heh.

whee. heh. heh.

My life wouldn't complete without her, ironic as it sounds- a guy named [pig]teo, and my other loves in Malaysia. I am terribly apologetic that I am being so selfish to have so many lovers in my heart. /meh :P 

I have so many things to share in this place yet so little time previously, but now I have no more excuses to delay any updates as summer break is officially kicked in. ohello, till the next update.. GTG get ready to party my broken pieces away tonight. :))

xo Shirnie

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