Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nice, France II :: Carnaval de Nice ::

Greeting people. It has been 9 months I have not set foot on my homeland, but I'm back in Malaysia now- very well, lol. Given the hazy conditions last week, no more breathing woes both outside and inside nowyay. The craving for food and beverages certainly did not disappoint me, and still going on fantastically and abundantly until the day I bid farewell to the warmness of the sun in Malaysia. again.

The post of trip to Nice in France on the French Riviera continues...
The Carnaval de Nice simply meaning Nice Carnival, one of the largest carnivals in the world. "Carnaval, King of the five continents" is theme for this year 2013, a theme that remains true to its vocation of universality. A journey through time and space opening all perspectives to vivid imagination.

These giant, colourful parades took place day and night, with entertainment provided by musicians and dancers from across the world. The floats were all designed to provide 360° panoramic visibility, how fortunate was I to be there for its joyous days in Nice. Thank you Dad, Mom and my friends I met in England! T____T

It is the dream of a little girl who dolls up as one of the fictional characters featured in the official Disney Princess line-up. It is the dream of a little boy who falls asleep to the humming rhythm of the city, and the same dream of children who wake up to the hum that has devastated this fairy-tale event. Aimed for people to enjoy the freedom of disguises, dances and songs as well as to bid temporary farewell to the darkness of winter and soak in the warmth of the sun on the French Riviera. Each of the carefully decorated giant papier-mâché puppets (known as 'big heads’) has a carnavalier hid in it to exert in order to provide maximum flexibility, scared people with that monstrous glare and eyes that lured people behind that disguises. sSsspot the hole in the middle.. there allowed them to moved around with vision and breathe through the small hole.

I was so stunned when I first laid my eyes on such an enormous barbie doll along with beautiful butterflies!! My childhood was in a way surrounded by wonder, awe and what not of holding a wish in such small heart, cast a spell with all my hope to have loads of barbie dolls along gorgeous dollie dresses. ah. XD

Not just the people in the parade, the spectators were doing all sorts of silly things too. There were literally tons of confetti being thrown around the parade! As each float passed by, kids on the floats threw confetti at random people on the sidewalks, and the people on the sidewalks retaliated with more confetti and colourful string. In the gap between floats, all of the kids would run out into the street to collect more confetti into their bags, so they could throw more at the coming floats. I could never forget it was the most joyous day of my life! /grin

Everyone had lots of confetti stuck in their hair, clothes, shoes and what not. We had a mini confetti war between ourselves and with the kids too so at the end, we were all thoroughly covered in confetti. It was so much fun! :D I'll be sharing more pictures that I've taken of the Nice Carnival on Facebook. Hee.. till then.! (:

xo Shirnie

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Nice, France I :: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur ::

I had a magnificent time in Nice, France! It was few months back in March, which means this has been in my draft since then.. well I know you guys probably don't care. :P The weather was great not as cold as in England, it was a beautiful seaside city on the French Riviera; overall, it was a perfect getaway in March! :D :D :D

On the afternoon of that day we first arrived Nice, we decided to visit Menton by train for its best known event, its annual Lemon Festival. Thank you Timmy, Alice and her love ones, I had a splendid time in France with y'all. /grin

-Entrance to the citrus sculpture garden!-

The 80th anniversary of Menton's famed Lemon Festival (La Fête du Citron in French), an event pretty unique in the world held from February 16 to March 6. It was an annual celebration of citrus and this year theme was "Around the World in 80 Days" (Le Tour du Monde en 80 Jours) featured impressive sculptures made of oranges and lemons. An elephant made of oranges? A temple made of lemons and oranges? Yyyuumm, the long and narrow garden was filled with large, intricate creations! It was indeed a mind blowing experience. :))

"La Fête du Citron® a 80 ans et toute sa saveur! Pas un zeste de vieillesse à l’horizon, elle est prête à tout pour continuer à nous impressionner." (The Lemon Festival® is 80 years old this year and full of flavor! Not a hint of age on the horizon, it is ready to do anything to continue to impress us.)
For its 80th year, this year’s sculptures were inspired to the pages of Jules Verne from his classic adventure novel, "Around the World in 80 days". Its forewords indicated that in his book, Jules Verne makes the acute observation that this race against the clock is in itself a trivial pursuit. ❝Phileas Fogg was not travelling, rather he was tracing a circumference, plotting an orbit around the earthly sphere in accordance with the laws of rational mechanics.❞ So, it is the many incidents and setbacks during the adventure that give the story its freshness, suspense and tad bit piquancy.

Timmy and I were trying to imitate the old man sculpture behind us who carried two buckets of veges strung from a wooden carrying pole rested on his shoulders. Apparently, it was a failed attempt where I looked like a complete retard. =| Anywayy.. :D
Citrus??? For the record, there are different kinds of citrus fruit- oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes. These fruit has been farming in an ever-widening area in modern era since ancient times.  

La Fête du Citron, this event was the second biggest public event in the Côte d'Azur, just after the Carnaval de Nice- one of the world's major carnival events, which I will blog about it very soon.  

Citronnade! ╍●‿●╍
I think pretty much that's it. Ah waaait.. nooo, not yet. Next up is all about carnival in Nice (Carnaval de Nice). You wouldn't want to miss out the next coming up post, it is one mind-boggling event. /meh

xo Shirnie

Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Sound of Summer ☀☼

Sun is heating up in the sky with its warmest sun shines in the clear blue sky, there ain't a gloomy cloud in sight. Everyone is in a play, bidding temporary farewell to the darkness of last seasons, where you can see people running around the avenue to see how the city shines brightly, and kids running with undies filled with excitement of getting wet. It is a beautiful day! :D

As for me, I was pretty enjoying and marveling at the unrivaled beauty of nature park. Well I wouldn't say I am a nature-loving person, as I just had a splendid time having a barbecue picnic under the lovely sun in the park with my friends. heh.

whee. heh. heh.

My life wouldn't complete without her, ironic as it sounds- a guy named [pig]teo, and my other loves in Malaysia. I am terribly apologetic that I am being so selfish to have so many lovers in my heart. /meh :P 

I have so many things to share in this place yet so little time previously, but now I have no more excuses to delay any updates as summer break is officially kicked in. ohello, till the next update.. GTG get ready to party my broken pieces away tonight. :))

xo Shirnie