Saturday, 13 April 2013

Day Trip To Manchester.

Good day loves! The weather has finally turned much warmer this month with temperatures climbing up to approximately 13 degree Celsius and doing us all a favor of not pulling in colder air either from the north or east. Thumbs up even though there's still wet weather at times. huhu.

All these pictures were taken in Manchester.

Me and my friends heard about a psychic reader in Manchester by word of mouth as a few people interpreted their past/present/future and told their friends about how true the psychic reading was, then they told more people about it, and before long everyone was going to check it out. So we went too! :P I am a believer but can be a skeptic person at times too. I'd give it a rating of nine out of ten as it is quite true to the fact what happened in the past and what is happening now. The future is still so unknown so I can't tell yet, I do have a slight hope though. Anyway, it is just for entertainment purpose only. :P

After dee whole day of exploring around and shopping, what girls do best- desserts at Wasabi in China Town, Manchester. Just looking at these delicious desserts make me happy~ :D tata!

xo Shirnie

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