Monday, 18 February 2013

On the tea and salmon pancake trail

- Aubrey's Traditional Creperie -
"Delicious," I declared, smacked my lips and really camped it up.


 xo Shirnie

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Finally found it on 01/02/2013!

Good day beautiful peöple! I've finally moved from å deluxe studio to an apartment a couple days ago. Settled down; and, nearly fully furnished, just left few items have not cross out from my buy list yet. A BIG THANKS to Archi, Brian and Kayla for lend me their hands on it. They are truly my life saviors! salvavidas~ :D

Things I bought in Ikea- best buy: fluffy soffy, white sheepskin! I gotta remind myself to take å 1OO% care of it as I tend to have the habitual of dropping small pieces whenever I munching on something, like cookies. uh =|

Lovin' my comfy new home.
hehe, till then!- goodnight for me and have a naise day ahead for you! (:

 xo Shirnie