Sunday, 6 January 2013

★ Yorkshire ★

Ay-up! I have been drowned in a silent state of mind for a long while, but one thing is certain that I am not a goner because I still loving this space where it reflects back things to me, which I can rediscover and rekindle my world, myself. It simply represents chapters of my life, a beautiful solitude.. the moments. That is, spiritual, rather than physical.

Also, I've been taking up all my time coping with life and doing the things I love. *tongueout*

A week ago, I went on a wonderful trip to Yorkshire on thirtieth and Scotland on thirty-first celebrated NY's eve with 8 others. It was so close to missed the chance, howsoever I am so glad that I made it through. Thanks Matt for invited me, I feel truly blessed to filled by more enlightened friends.  

Well my interpretation of it is that luck is by chance, but being is blissful is on purpose. hehehe.

Take a deep breath, it surely calms the mind. Don't chu say so? :}

All I learned about Yorkshire, nibbled at the edges, certainly it's a radical and historical county of Northern England and the largest in UK. Also, it has sometimes been nicknamed God's Own County. Wherever I was in the city, I felt like I was at the centre of new discoveries.

Excellent cafe for a full English breakfast.

The city of York, famed for its historic ancient walls, Roman Walls, and its charming medieval streets is home to the famous York Minster Cathedral.

A fine example of medieval architecture dating back to the Roman Era ~

w/ Jackie and Gabbie.

 Wooden xylophone. Picture taken in York Art Gallery.

 w/ Rose and Arji.

Buddha said every day you are born again—that means new experiences and adventures for today.

P/S: To all lovelies, cheers to a new year! May you have a blessed in year 2013.

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