Sunday, 6 January 2013

★ Yorkshire ★

Ay-up! I have been drowned in a silent state of mind for a long while, but one thing is certain that I am not a goner because I still loving this space where it reflects back things to me, which I can rediscover and rekindle my world, myself. It simply represents chapters of my life, a beautiful solitude.. the moments. :) Spiritual, rather than physical.

Also, I've been taking up all my time coping with life and doing the things I love. /meh

A week ago, I went on a wonderful trip to Yorkshire on thirtieth and Scotland on thirty-first celebrated NY's eve with 8 others. It was so close to missed the chance, howsoever I am so glad that I made it through. Thanks Matt for invited me, I feel truly blessed to filled by more enlightened friends.  

Well my interpretation of it is that luck is by chance, but being is blissful is on purpose. hehehe.

Take a deep breath, it surely calms the mind. Don't chu say so? :}

All I learned about Yorkshire, nibbled at the edges, certainly it's a radical and historical county of Northern England and the largest in UK. Also, it has sometimes been nicknamed God's Own County. Wherever I was in the city, I felt like I was at the centre of new discoveries.

Excellent cafe for a full English breakfast.

w/ Rob Aslan.

The city of York, famed for its historic ancient walls, Roman Walls, and its charming medieval streets is home to the famous York Minster Cathedral.

A fine example of medieval architecture dating back to the Roman Era ~

w/ Jackie and Gabbie.

Collecting picture postcards across county to my very doorstep becomes one of my pleasurable hobby available. Merci mon aimie Kayla, you inspired me.. yay to postcards of York. I still have so much to appreciate in life. :D

 Wooden xylophone. Picture taken in York Art Gallery.

please don't mind me, just fooling around with yeah. trolol.
 w/ Rose and Arji.

If one don’t let go of the past, one will never appreciate the present.
Deep down I believe that I will eventually lost the things I appreciated, but from this moment on I’m taking this time to enjoy myself and complete myself. Change can sometimes be good. After all, change comes from within~~ :)

Buddha said every day you are born again—that means new experiences and adventures for today.

P/S: To all lovelies, cheers to a new year! May you have a blessed in year 2013.

 xo Shirnie