Friday, 9 November 2012

Halloween 2012 :: The Freaks Come Out ::

Greeting all~❀
It's already November, my favorite month of all, how time flies.! November, which means my birthday is around the corner. No yay about it, sadly. I don't think it will be any special this year because of where am I now without my family and my bunch of beautiful flowers. Just me alone. /sobs. >:

Well well, Halloween has passed us by and Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away which 22nd of November is also my birthday as well. Oh my holy.., something special now. It's Thanksgiving plus my birthday, gotta think a plan for my turning-twenty day. Yay nao! :D

Here's some pictures during dee Halloween week-! 
(I realized a week has passed, but better than no update about it. /meh)..

Picture Credit to PHUNK'D.
Picture Credit to PHUNK'D.
Halloween House Party @ Peter's place. (Picture Credit to Timmy.)
Pre-drinks! (Picture Credit to Sharon Hung.)
I did his vampire make-up. Aite don't judge me, I ain't good at it. /meh

Apology for my not-so-good quality pictures, some pictures taken with phone. I am not able to take any good quality pictures with my camera now b'coz my camera is dysfunctional. I have no idea what hit its internal, it must be the ice cold weather. It must be the only reason as I know I treat my camera with great care.  ☹  Till then! x

xo Shirnie