Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nottingham Goose Fair - 2012 -

It was a couple of weeks ago I had a 20 minutes walk filled with bubbly excitement to the Forest Recreation Ground with my friend. I never been nor heard of Goose Fair until I'm here in Nottingham in the pink of health. Just only a couple of weeks I’ve already fallen in love with the place. :D

Aite you must be wondering what on earth is "Goose Fair", it is an annual fun fair took place in Nottingham, England. It runs for five days once a year, during the first week of October and terribly bad news, it's all over for this year.

All the catchy lights, giggles, noises, toys and rides made this an amazing event for the young and old. The smells of dee candy floss, jumbo sausages, mushy peas and multi-national cuisine in the air still wandering in my head. It was indeed a fantastic timÄ— at the Goose Fair~~!! -big grin-


Numerous games that required skills include darts, hook a ducks, grabbers, hooplas and etc. It was really fun playing these kind of skilled games for the first time, and laughed at our mutual  embarrassment. /meh

Haaaaveeee I make your heart skip a beat yet? -evil grin-

Top Buzz, this ride definitely kills!! 
It rotated passengers through 360 degrees in counterclockwise and clockwise directions, creating head-down, face-down drops, and don't-know-what-next to increase the scare factor. =|

See you again next year, Goose Fair~! x
xo Shirnie

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