Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Corny pep talks

Greeting from East Midlands of England, Nottingham .. ☃~♡
Fall season, a time for new beginning. It is pretty cold between 11°C to 13°C now, the weather is killing me slowwwly with its ice cold and its companion, wind strong enough to blow my face offzz. Besides the weather, everything is pretty cool and amazing here in Nottingham! -big grin- :D

Burger King's cheese balls with chilli padi.
Just a little /meh for those of you who enjoy the robust of chewing on chilli padi. :D

Nottingham Trent University

Life just a little more hassle-free in the wonderful city site. I've been splurging a little more and exploring the parts of the city- I can't wait to share with you all.

PICK and MIX candy stall at Nottingham's Old Market Square. My all-time-favorite are gummy bear and chewy cola~~! /meh

.. Till then x

xo Shirnie

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Samantha Kong said...

The place looks so beautiful! <3