Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Qualities Men Should Have.

Greeting readers. I have been surfing the Internet searching for a solution for a problem, and I stumbled across this controversial video which was removed about Linora's thoughts about men. She certainly has me filled my mind with the qualities men should have to be a good prospect nowadays.. continue reading to find out. -big grin- :D

Well, I believe men often face common problems with women, wonder what exactly in our mind and what we really want. From what I've found about men all these years, majority of men are simple minded as in most of the people said, men only think with their .. -ahem- .. you get what I mean; while women have a tendency to over-analyze things even a petty, insignificant matter. Besides, men acted in a spiteful way, wrongful intention, can get women on fire in just few minutes in whatever ways. My point is, men have a hard time figuring women. -Why?- Because women tend to send them mixed messages and men tend to behave in an inappropriate way, could be wrongful intention towards us, women.

I took my first sip of tea today and the only sentence that went through my head is I have not write such a post like this before so let me tell you about it~~

In general, what women want is actually very simple, a good guy who truly care and love us sincerely without doing malice and other things behind our back. It is really very heartache when a woman found out her date stabbed a sharp knife straight into her heart, dying and bleeding inside. 
Believe me, I personally encountered it few times.. the feeling was extremely unbearable!!
- -

Alright~! Before I digging deep into the topic about the qualities men should have, I'd like to inform you that I am in no way the authority of what a real man should be. We, humans, don't read minds so I just spill whatever in my mind yah. 
Without further ado, here is the qualities men should have. ☺ 
First and foremost, CHIVALRY should exists all the time-!

Women tend to give a high expectation on men and we often want men to make the first move. Women want their date to pay attention to details! Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, men forgot how to be chivalrous nowadays. -rolling eyes-

Real men should open doors for their dates. What I truly mean is the man hold the door and step aside until the woman passes through. This is really easy peasy, no hard work needed at all. Something like this as simple as being respectful and gentleman shows her that you care about her, not just himself. Besides, Linora made her thought clearly that a real man should pulls out her chair gracefully for her when she's taking a seat at a table instead of rushing to sit down and do his own things. A man with the comprehensible gesticulation could make her (your date) feel like a lady and show her that you’re a gentleman. Chivalry in men is definitely a turn on for women yo'! :P

The most primitive, yet still one of the most prominent trait every men should possess, PATIENCE-!

Patience is a virtue in every person. Ever heard of "all good things or flings come to those who wait."? I found it quite true as it happened few times in my life. It's something like, when one door closes another door opens. Geddit my dear readers? -wink-
So right, everyone gotta exercise patience in order to face difficulties in our life, as you know, problems are part and parcel of life. A wise man is aware that impatience is nemesis, it does not benefit him nor help him regain anything, eventually impatience will slowly take away things he likes, mostly like his love ones. A well-known problem that face by women nowadays is addicted gamers spend a lot of time playing their favorite game (DotA) that they neglected their personal relationships and sometimes disappear altogether. That is a tragic event! Men with patience are every woman's dream man.!


Last but not least, Linora, the woman in the video above stretched the quality GROOMING every men should pay attention to-!

If you are GG TV series fan, this short sentences said by Blair W should be imprint in your head quite effortless, “The most important thing in a relationship is trust. After sex. And hygiene. And earning potential.”

Okay do not get me wrong, my main point is hygiene; it's just as important as taking care of your body. Men, please take note that your nasal hair should never be seen out from your nose, most likely spider hair. It is unsightly and definitely hurt one's outward appearance.

Spider hair sticking out from your nose is an instant turnoff for women!! -talk to the hand-

Besides, men with long nails ain't cool at all. -evil grin- :P
Most probably people would assume men with longish nails are for playing guitar. I've gotta admit that musical talent is absolutely a tune on for women. But guys, your somewhat long nails don't need to be as long as a butter knife. They wouldn't look nasty as long as keep them clean and well groomed. :D

YUP! ツ
So far, that's all the qualities men should have. If I am somewhat offended you, my dear readers, my bad haha! Anyho, I think I am awesome because I stayed up all night for this post and I am kind of beat up physically, mentally and emotionally. If you are reading this, you are awesome as well! -big hug-

Have a good day ahead my dear readers x ♥ 

  xo Shirnie

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Anonymous said...


I have been wondering all this time is chivalry dead? I totally agree chivalry should exists all these time. Not just the part being a gentleman but more to it.

Patient, grooming and etc. XD