Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Elevate @ MITC Melaka :: Feel The Difference :: -08/09/12-

Elevate is back again. Yes.. Sir and Madam/Miss, you heard me!~
It's back again after three remarkable stops in different states (Penang, Johor then KL). This time round, Elevate held in the historic state in Malaysia, a state well known for its historical tourist attraction spots with well preserved building architecture over few hundred years old. 

Picture Credit to Samuel Chew.
My friends think that I'm insanely crazy for party, but how could I say N0 to such a truly killer party with great, fun friends tagged along!? Sooo on last Saturday, me and the rest bloggers traveled all the way from KL to Malacca just for a fun nighttime party together. -big grin- :D

My honeybunch, Samantha and Vivian. A trio of party animals~! XD

 My love ones! -wide smile-

 MC of that night, Deejay Joey G and Deejay Patricia K.

PsycuSix, a group of seven talented yet passionate fire, lights and object manipulation artists from Penang and KL have come together with the same vision, which to form this incredible force that aspires to inspire the audience in all aspects, especially visually with the flame of their souls.

There was four PsycuSixers showed up and they presented the very best of their abilities to the audiences. Every pair of eyes in the auditorium was on them, and certainly with good reasons. Their moves were sharp, let's just say that their entire set had been without any flaw. 

I can’t imagine what they would do for regional. -applause-

It wasn't that long enough until DJ Patricia K on the deck, gorgeously stood behind the turntable. She is a mix danish-chinese woman, the DJ for Capital FM radio playing tunes that you don’t normally listen on regular radio on weekdays. And, she's also on TV hosting ESPN on Sundays. :O

Picture Credit to placesandfoods.com.
The KL ladies in da houz~!

Silly faces with Samantha and Karmun.
Picture of me with Samuel and Lisa.

Thanks Donovan Chan for the invitation to Elevate again! -winking-

The stage was heated up and illuminated by Elecoldxhot's LED light dance. The stares of hundreds of pairs of eyes looking hard.!! :P

Elecoldxhot got the dancers fired up the LED dance floor with ecstatic dance moves, screaming with freedom. :>

Picture of me and Yeeing. Elevate FTW! :D

DJ Hiloco a.k.a neroDoll, you can absolutely see she was the main highlight of the night. The party crowd went wild for her, calling out loud her name and screaming out loud "We want you!" continuously just below her deck. -love struck-

Her cheery personality and her sweet-looking face are what audiences adored. (Y)

The party went on with DJ Hiloco's tracks spinning on dee background~~

Without realization from the crowd, it was Elecoldxhot performance again. They performed the "Gangnam Style" dance and taken all dee attention by storm. K-pop that made waves yeah~~!!

Elecoldxhot definitely rocked the stage that night..! -big grin- :D


Picture of me with my sweetypies, Yovell and Cassie. They came all dee way from KL just to party with me! My Elevate night was simply made. Tee-heh!! -big hug- :D

Not to forget, picture of me with good buddies of mine, Victor and Terrance.

Dance battle, member of Elecoldxhot VS Unknown.

Before split apart and journey back to Kuala Lumpur, the gentlemen chilled sexily and started posting for cameras. That was all good fun, and we all certainly had a jolly good laugh together! Ho~ :D

Last but not least, I'd like to thanks a million to Elevate for having me once again in their truly killer party event. No worries for those who hasn't feel the difference yet, there's certainly will be more Elevate coming soon. Stay tuned for it~! :D

  xo Shirnie


Samantha Kong said...

I had so much fun partying with your sugar~ Love yea. <3

Ryan said...

Nice cam shots!