Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Belvedere Vodka Party - The Pool -

23th of August, 2O12 ~ Thursday ~

Last Thursday, The Pool @ Ampang was filled with Belvedere-infused party with exclusively invited guests only as well as bathed in the true blue authentically of the world’s first luxury vodka. I felt some kind of euphoric to be one on the guest list along with my party hoppers. Teehehe~! :D

Gorgeous vibes kept the party on point featured the gorgeous DJ Gift from Thailand. It was really tempting to get one bottle home after seeing countless bottles of Belvedere Vodka decorated everywhere that night. :P

The world's best super premium flavored vodka, Belvedere Macerations Orange. Vodka with luscious mouth-feel and a touch of sweetness followed by a rush of floral mandarin. ~dayum~! :D

My often sighted bosom party hopper a.k.a sugar sista.

The party will never wrong with him, Don Chan. -wink-

Picture with Karmun, love her hair- stunning!.

Picture credit to KarMun Ng.

Trust your instincts with the world's first super premium vodka and start your weekday off right with a Belvedere. Also, cheers to the weekend people--! :D

xo Shirnie

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