Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Belvedere Vodka Party - The Pool -

23th of August, 2O12 ~ Thursday ~

Last Thursday, The Pool @ Ampang was filled with Belvedere-infused party with exclusively invited guests only as well as bathed in the true blue authentically of the world’s first luxury vodka. I felt some kind of euphoric to be one on the guest list along with my party hoppers. Teehehe~! :D

Gorgeous vibes kept the party on point featured the gorgeous DJ Gift from Thailand. It was really tempting to get one bottle home after seeing countless bottles of Belvedere Vodka decorated everywhere that night. :P

The world's best super premium flavored vodka, Belvedere Macerations Orange. Vodka with luscious mouth-feel and a touch of sweetness followed by a rush of floral mandarin. ~dayum~! :D

My often sighted bosom party hopper a.k.a sugar sista.

The party will never wrong with him, Don Chan. -wink-

Picture with Karmun, love her hair- stunning!.

Picture credit to KarMun Ng.

Trust your instincts with the world's first super premium vodka and start your weekday off right with a Belvedere. Also, cheers to the weekend people--! :D

xo Shirnie

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Brands Outlet New Store Opening @ Fahrenheit 88

12th of August, 2O12 ~ Sunday ~

 Clear sky with morning fresh air along with a good news by our local apparel brand, Brands Outlet that put smiles on people's faces, indeed a great day last Sunday. ◕‿-

 #1 - Christopher Yong and I. Thanks Chris for the friendly guide and escort around. :D

#2 - Back to the topic about a good news that put smiles on people's faces. Brands Outlet is now open at Lower Ground 1 in Fahrenheit 88 and it had a giveaway of RM50 voucher to the first 500 customers on that day itself. I can see the line was already freakin' long to get into before the opening ceremony at 10 a.m.

#4 - It felt so good that I don't have to queue all the way from back to the entrance as I got the privilege to enter the brand new store with RM100 voucher first. Teeheh! :D

 #5 - Brands Outlet is the personification of shopping convenience, variety and affordability. As you already know that it's an all-in-one store, Brands Outlet offers a wide range of brands across several categories for men, women and children.

#6 - Let's just say shopping doesn’t get any better than here in Brands Outlet. *big grin*

#7 - Brands Outlet having a special promotion now of RM59.90 buy one free one men's check bermudas. With such a great deal which gives a very fashionable look. Whaddaya waiting for? Go grab some before the awesome deal is off. *wink*

#8 - Not just that, Brands Outlet having a special promotion of men's and ladies' graphic tees for RM9.00 each and ladies fashion tops price from RM19.90 to 29.90 too!

#9 - Some cool and funny graphic tees.

#10 - Men's khakis pants always my favorite even tho' it's not designed for women but men. Check out those unique colors, 2 @ RM100, totally worth every penny of yours~~! (:

As for ladies, special promotion of ladies khaki shorts at RM29.90 and special promotion of ladies khaki pants at RM39.90.

#11 - Baseball jackets are love~! It provides enough warm and versatile. Don't yah say so? (:

 #12 - Picture with Alisa Chow and Wilson Ng.

#13 - The queue to cashier was insanely long that day. Thank to Brands Outlet and Chris, I got to skip the long queue.

I was placed in a tough situation on which pieces to choose from so many trendy pieces by Brands Outlet. So, what did I got for myself from RM100 voucher given by Brands Outlet?
Check out the images below, heh~!

 Lace Top - Brands Outlet
Tribal Pant - Brands Outlet
Accessory: Black wooden and Bronze metal Bracelet (left hand) - Brands Outlet

The lace top is super sexy with semitransparent at the back and the tribal pant is duper comfy to wear it all day long. Really! Love both pieces to bits, thank you Brands Outlet. :D
xo Shirnie

Sunday, 12 August 2012

K-Palette Beauty Workshop :: Giveaways ::

First of all, I would like to thank those who participated in my very first giveaway. I really appreciate the comments you guys left in the previous post below. Indeed fascinated! 
*big hug* 

So here it goes the 3 loves, ◕‿-

The Japan's top selling Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h from K-Palette goes to Nicole Chang.

 The answer to brow problems - K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner, which is a best-seller in just a year goes to Joevy Yap.

Last but not least, my current number one choice concealer K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer goes to Vincci a.k.a Smiling Eyes.

CONGRATULATION to the 3 winners who won herself a best selling product from K-Palette!! I hope you'd find the product useful and like the product as much as I do. *wink* :D

xo Shirnie