Monday, 30 July 2012

K-Palette Beauty Workshop :: Creation of Style ::

-ღ Advertorial ღ-

 #1 - Last Thursday, I attended a K-Palette event held at Sasa in Bangsar Shopping Complex with the bloggers. I learned a few simple and flawless makeup tips and techniques that flatter every face shape from the professional makeup artist. Teeheh!

(If you are clueless, here's a little something about K-Palette.)
"K-Palette has been consistently rated as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan with 1 billion pieces sold since its inception in the market there 3 years ago."

#2 - Introduce you the professional Japanese makeup artist, Ms. Imura. She is 42 years old yet she looked pretty and so much younger then. Un-fucking-believable right? :P

#3 - Pictures of myself at the venue during the event. Instagram.

#4 - As I mentioned above, she's a Japanese makeup artist so she needed a translator to translate for us that day. While in the process of applying makeup, she shared her best beauty techniques. Her way of showing was really interesting and it was indeed pleasant to listen to her especially with a broad smile tagged on her face throughout the workshop. :D

#5 - It can be quite tricky knowing what is the proper foundation/concealer to apply. Need not to worry as K-Palette introduces you the K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer. It comes in three shades, natural beige, yellow beige and orange beige.

I got myself one in natural beige, and I find it does actually gives a great coverage and moisturizing all in one. It formulated with moisturizing beauty essence ingredients such as hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, soluble collagen and rose water. With all the beauty essence mix together, it moisturize your skin while covering the dark circles and imperfections.

As for Zero Kuma Concealer in yellow beige, it works best for users who have uneven skin tone. It tends to brighter up your under eye area and avoid cakey look around the eyes. For those who always stay in the office tend to have a poor circulation, Zero Kuma concealer in orange beige works best to conceal and hide swollen capillaries underneath the eyes.

 #6 - All yah need to do is squeeze a small amount and blend with fingertips using a light, patting motion under your eyes area. The process is actually pretty easy~! (:

#7 - Zero Kuma Concealer applied on her left eyes and right not. Can you see the difference? It really does instantly cover dark circles with a great coverage and only using a small amount. After concealer applied, take the powder foundation or loose powder with a large blush brush and gently brush the powder across the flesh.

#8 - One simply way to really stay natural and fresh is to give attention to your eyebrows. By now, you already know that your eyes are the most identifying feature that makes you look like you. And, your eyebrows frame your eyes. That clearly makes your eyebrows are so important. Am I correct? :D

#9 - K-Palette 24H Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner, which gives you a natural tattoo-like eyebrow lasting a whole day. Not to forget that it is a best seller in just a year! It is water-resistant that gives you a natural finish. I got this product from K-Palette and I tried it on myself the next day. It gave me a natural tattoo-like eyebrow as what it claimed to be. Easy to use~!

The lasting 2way eyebrow liner comes in two shades, which is chocolate brown and honey brown. Chocolate brown is best recommended for those who have dark colored hair. As for honey brown is best recommended for those who have lighter colored hair. 

#10 - The lasting 2way eyebrow liner well-designed with a special micro-fiber bush tip that gives you the ability to dot and apply your eyebrows in a most comfortable. Also, it comes with a multi-feature micro-brush with waterproof translucent ink that deep enough to conceal the areas of your eyebrows in order to achieve a natural eyebrows finish with a lasting power.

About this product, I find it quite convenient and saves my time to tone my eyebrows. So now, do I make your heart skips a beat? If yes, you can find this products in any SASA outlets for RM59.90. Okay, it might seem pricey, but you get two products in one. That's actually reasonable and make its worth to purchase. 

#11 - Can you see how it works from the picture above? First, use the powder side to tone and deepen the first half of your eyebrows then the liquid pen to draw a beautiful line along to the edge of eyebrows. Quick and easy peasy yea! :D

 #12 - Before -

 #13 - After -

Can you see the difference? What do you think? Does the lasting 2way eyebrow gives you the words of what it claims to be, natural tattoo-like eyebrows? :D

#14 - K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow Pencil 24h (RM49.90), it does the effect to lighten up the color of your eyebrows to well match your hair color especially for those who have ombre hair color or highlighted hair at the bottom. It available in three shades, grayish brown, camel brown and natural brown. It's easy to draw, waterproof and long-lasting 24h.

#15 - Now for the eyeshadow part, Ms. Imura showed us the lasting 2way eyebrow liner's powder pen can actually worked as a brown eyeshadow on our eyelids too. Oh, did I mention that its glittering powder coats tightly on our flesh, which create a natural look? *wink*

#16 - Eyeliner can make your eyes pop!! I'm not joking, it's definitely one essential cosmetic used to define our eyes. K-Palette introduces you the deep, jet black color that creates a powerful and an irresistible pair of eyes without much time or effort, Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h (RM59.90).

Its magic lies within its patented ultra-fine and special brush tip application which ensures that the liquid eyeliner does not drip messily or draw heavily on your eyelids while respecting your delicate eyes area.

#17 - I tried few attempts to rub the eyeliner ink on my hand, but its high-water resistant and its long lasting polymer forms a smudge-resistant effects. (Y)

#18 - Can you see how easy-to-draw ultra thin line along the edge of her eyes? All you have to do is draw a line across the upper lid on your lash line. This can helps to creates a softer look and a desired illusion of having thicker lashes. A classic line always works great. (:

#19 - Mascara helps to thicken, lengthen and darken your eyelashes. This great Long Curl Mascara new launched from K-Palette gives you an instant lash coating as well as provides you an intense volume. *batting eyelashes*

#20 - The curvaceous over-sized brush designed to gives a full lash contact for thicker and fuller looking eyelashes. The only bad news for us is that the mascara will only launch this October in Malaysia, so we have to wait for it another 2 months more.

#21 - The final look on the model.

#22 - Natural, casual makeup for daily. Dolly look too! :D

#23 - Sheena Liam and I .. 

#24 - Picture and smile are the first thing first when we found a big mirror enough to fit us all with great lightning at the backdrop. Me, Samantha, Lisa and Kar Mun~!

Picture credit to Lisa.
#25 - Here's a picture of all the beautiful bloggers during the event. *winking*

#26 - I was thrilled that we were each given a freebie bag from K-Palette included one of their best selling 1 day tattoo real lasting eyeliner, 2way eyebrow and zero kuma concealer. Though I was about to purchase their 2way eyebrow. *yay* :D

So now, I think it's about time I do my first GIVEAWAY here. What do you think lovelies
Up for grabs this very first time are the 3 best selling products (1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner, 2Way Eyebrow and Zero Kuma Concealer) from K-Palette! Interested? If yes, please continue reading.. *big grin*

All you have to do is just one click on the 'Join this site' button found at the most right sidebar. For those who does not own a blogspot, click facebook 'Like' button found at the end of this post. Then, leave a comment below which one of the product you would like to grab from the three K-Palette products stated for giveaway and why so. As simple as that yea. *wink* :D

Besides my giveaway, K-Palette is hosting an Amazing Eyes Contest for yah cosmetic lovers out there~~! Check out *click me* to join now or/and vote for your friends before the arriving of 26 August 2012. :D

 There are 2 winners, one who gets the most vote for their eye makeup and the other one who submits the most photo into their system. So.. what are you waiting for?

Hurry up, and don't yo' forget to give a like on the facebook button below! :D

xo Shirnie


Terrance Choo said...

do some make up on me nooawww! :)

nicccchang said...

Teehee! I would like to choose the 1 day tattoo eyeliner. Why? because eyeliner is seriously a magic for me who own a pair of small eyes. After drawing a simple line, the eyes immediately bigger and sparkling. And also, 1 day tattoo eyeliner which does not smudge for 24 hours definitely suitable for me who always sweat a lot. You know, especially during parties. LOL. after dancing, the eyes like panda. Oh my! Hope will be the lucky one yea!

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

I love the eyeliner ! Because I can't live without eyeliner - it enhances the eye for bigger and more 'awake' look. Plus, what we girls want most from an eyeliner is one that last long like a tattoo. :)

babychery said...

Hey Hey...I would like to choose
Zero Kuma Concealer...oh why??
Cause I'm having a seriously dark circle and eye bag and I always wondering which cosmetic brand are in strongly 'concealing' and finally I found in your post that really effective at the demo on model face so i hope I might be the lucky one...tq

Miss Joevy said...

Attractive post babe! Uhmm i would like to have the 2 way eyebrow. Why? because it is said that eyes are the windows to the soul. Thus eyebrow must be the framework to the window. Eyebrow is very important in framing the face and the eyes. Having a well trimmed and shaped eyebrow is definitely the best weapons in our beauty arsenal. Unfortunately not everyone has a nicely shaped eyebrows, so I think a 2 way eyebrow is the best choice hehe!

Shirnie Yip said...

Thank y'all for participating in my first giveaway. All the comments are great. *winking* Really! :D

On that note, I've failed to mention the deadline of this giveaway contest is on next Sunday, 12th of August. So best of luck everyone! ❤ x

VINCCI - smilingeyes1510 said...

Well personally, I would like to grab Zero Kuma Concealer from K- Palette! :D As we know, concealer is essential for any make up as teens (like me) have quite a number of problematic areas such as dark circles. *hides* Hence, I chose it as my preference because :
I believe Zero Kuma provides great coverage beyond the rest,
enhances natural radiance which suits me the best,
three different shades avoiding me into mess,
delivers impressive eyes for us like a VIP guest ♥ ! *winks*

Anonymous said...

The 2Way Eyebrow sounds cool to me because I dun have to bring so many tools out if I just wanted a quick n simple make up look!!