Sunday, 22 July 2012

Everyday's a summer day, and as everyone knows :: Redang ::

29th of June, 2O12 ~ Friday ~

#1 - Aloha to all~ Looking back on this trip, I can truly say what a truly awesome trip it was with a circle of crazy friends. An enjoyable trip in my mind is one that where I can fly away (referring my mind & soul-like feelings) in the clear blue sky to clear my head and explore what's out there with the person or people I like and enjoy. Yes, just that simple. ♥‿♥

#2 - Me and Yin Xin, she's such a lovely girl. I am glad I came out and joined at the last minute. *wink*

#3 - Yah all know what? It was a 6 hours journey to Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur. You can imagine how exhausted it was, yet excited we all were especially the passenger at the back (me lol).
Thanks to J and GJ for the ride back and forth! (:

#4 - The first day in such a beautiful and remote island.

When life placed you in a tough situation, do not say why me! I am happy, indeed delighted to be in the position choosing which images to post as ton of pictures were taken 3 days in Redang Island surrounded with great people. *big grin* :D

#5 - We stayed in the Redang Bay resort for 3 days 2 night. The rooms in the Resort is so simple as in no television, no hair dryer or other desirable or useful features and the bathroom is small and quite filthy, but at least it has provided a nice warm shower. The inclusive deal such as two snorkeling trip a day and three meals a day were basic buffet.

#6 - Looking back at the pictures, I already started to miss Redang Island. Badly.

 #7 - OOTD -
It felt so good chillin' on the seashore and watching the others having a great time.

#8 - As I mentioned earlier, the others had a fun time doing their own arrangement of 'lego' in the sea. *big grin*

#9 - And, this! :D

#10 - At night, we were out from our rooms and enjoyed a great night of live music accompanied by delicious cocktails. After all, cocktail is perfect for any summer party.


 #12 - The popular drink, Margarita with a twist of lime, served with salt on the glass rim. Fav!

#13 - The gentlemen with their proper clothes on. *raised eyebrows*

#15 - We had our second round at a different location and the good thing was that all the bars/pubs were all linked in a row. (Y)

#16 - The second day started off greatly with the hot sun lighted up the white-sand beach. I love the warmth feeling of the morning sun on my face with my hair blowing in the breeze. Ow, I already started missing the rolling of the waves splashing on the beach.
#17 - It was really comfy napping on it under the trees while enjoying the rolling of the waves splashing on the beach and the sea breeze~~!

#18 - Spotted a squirrel cried out for food. Ain't it cute?

Now the most exciting part about the trip was the snorkeling. However, the worst thing was that I did not bring along my camera. *bang my head against the wall* How can I not right?

Sigh. So, I went for the last snorkeling trip in the afternoon session with few guys. A boat took us to a selected spot and we had about an hour to snorkel. It was superb, swam with the fishes and corals everywhere. Oh, on that note, my baby toe was hurt so incredibly badly by coral rock during the snorkel trip. I shouldn't have climbed it along with the guys. If only if I realized.. Anyway, the snorkel trip was terrific! :D

#19 - Us again. Yes, yeah, one narcissist. :p

#20 - Volleyball session in the late afternoon.

#21 - Sorry guys, but I must say that it is my favorite shot of all. *big grin* They should be grateful to have me as their cameraman. Right? :D


#23 - An adorable squirrel or a rather creepy one? :p

#24 - Snorkeling session in the late afternoon.

#25 - During the daylight.

#26 - During the night time. Tee-heh, a group shot! :D

#27 - On the third and the last day, a group shot before everyone separated their journey back home. It was truly a great getaway from the hectic life in KL with a bunch of amazing people. Seriously, 3 days ain't enough in Redang Island. :P

xo Shirnie


nicccchang said...

Awwwww. The sea is so lovely! I always wanted to go redang but always cnt match the time. Hmmmmmm. btw, you're pretty babe! hope to see you soon! teehee

Samantha Kong said...

Redang look so beautiful & even more so with you in it! Also, you don't have tummy at all! It's proven in all of your photos. :P

p.s. - i like the squirrel. :3

Shirnie Yip said...

Nicole C. - Thank you sweety & I know right, the sea is love. ♡ I agree with you, time is always the problem esp. with a large circle of friends as everyone has different timings yea. Someday you will find your time and when you do, do enjoy every moment by the seaside. Cyah soon, heh. :D

Samantha K. - Indeed it is and thank you sugar sis, always thiz sweet from in to out. ♡ :D Yup, the squirrels. *big grin*

A DROP OF SNOW said...

Wow.. the sandy beach seems to be very clean from your photo. I am planning to go Redang during this September, hopefully will not meet monsoon weather changes.

PS: You're very slim!How I wish I could have a flat tummy like yours!

Shirnie Yip said...

Hello sweety *wink* and thank you so much for the compliment. :D

Yup! The beach is indeed clean. That's great. Let's just pray for the good things ahead. This Sept, just soak yourself in the sunshine and stretch all your cares away~~ Enjoy your trip babe! :D