Tuesday, 17 July 2012

ELEVATE :: Feel The Difference ::

14th June, 2012  ~ Saturday ~

#1 - Greeting loves. I'm home from Penang safe and sound. Home sweet home!

My Elevate post is obviously up and probably the longest one filled with images after so long. As for readers who have no single idea what happened in Penang last Saturday, allow me to give a brief introduction to yah all. Total of twenty bloggers (included myself) were invited to Elevate event presented by Slippery Senoritas, which held at Penang International Sports Area (P.I.S.A). It was a clubbing event featured DJ Hiloco, DJ Siera Lee, Mocha Girls and Elecoldxhot

On that note, i wanted to say thank you, thanks Vivian Khoo very much for letting us stayed over her place. It really saved our time and cost for a night in hotel. Besides, I had a great girls' night with both my favorite girls, Vivian and Samantha. Thanks Samuel Chew for the ride to Penang and Terrance offered for the ride back home as well. I am so thankful that I have them in my life. Really! *batting eyelashes*

I was having such a tough time choosing which picture to upload as ton of pictures were taken on that night. It was almost feels like unending turmoil. Alright, the rest pictures will be up in Facebook in no time. Anyway, the post is up, here it is! *big grin* :D

#2 - OOTD - Three animal print lovers!
I swear it was a coincidence that we were three (Me, Nicole and Yeeing) wearing similar leopard print. After all, coincidences happen all the time. right? :D

#3 - The ladies~! 
[On the clockwise: Me, Samantha, Ben Dan, Nicole, Vivian, Yeeing, Wilee and Karmun.]

#4 - Thanks Don for the amazing invitation. It's like my dream came true of being in the spotlight surrounded by giant-ass DSLRs. Cameras flashed everywhere, yeah. (:

#5 - The MC on that night. Let's get started to the rest of the images, shall we? *wink*

#6 - You have no idea how many shots I've taken just to captured the spotlights in the picture. Whaddaya think, nice? :D

#7 - Another shot~ whee! :D

To get the party started, introduce yah all DJ Siera Lee!

#8 - I must say she got the party heated up with her beauty and of course, her talent. She has successfully crafted a set that lifted up the party animals in an ecstasy of movement. After all, DeeJays are the new rockstars around the world. :D

#9 - Tadah, DJ Siera Lee! DJ Siera Lee is a former FHM covergirl who born in South Korea, lived in Canada and currently based in Sydney, Australia. She has a great passion for music and an eye for great styles, you can see that from the way she dressed herself that night. She looked superb elegant with the beautiful white dress. :D

#10 - The partay crowd.

Next up, Mocha Girls !!
The hottest and the most talented group I have ever seen, the Mocha Girls are an all-female singing and dancing group from the Philippines. Love struck, seriously!

#11 - The current line-up consists of members Mocha Uson (the group's lead singer), Mae Dela Cerna, Yumi Ociman, Franz Fainsan and Chloe Recto.

#12 - No doubt that they can certainly turn on every single one in the party mood once they hit the center stage. Even myself got attracted by their hot and breathy dance steps accompanied by their best vocalist. (Y)

Picture credit to Samantha Kong.
#13 - Ohgawd, I still remember how embarrassed I was being the 'lucky' girl dragged by my favorite girl in da group and sang that sentence 'time after time' after the lead singer, Mocha Uson. =[

#14 - Franz Fainsan Ain't she gorgeous?! ohmy~ :D

#15 - Henry and Yumi Ociman. I was really impressed that Henry sang sho well that night. It was really good. :D

#16 - Oh lookie! My sugar sista, Samantha got dragged by Chloe Recto to the dance floor. *winking* *winking* :p

 #17 - The stage was filled with partygoers! :D

#18 - Me with the lovebirds, Yeeing and Ryan.

After the wonderful performance by the Mocha Girls, it was DJ Hiloco aka neroDoll performing behind the turntables~! *applause* :D

#19 - DJ Hiloco is a Japanese female DJ and also a producer. Check out her awesome SoundCloud for some eclectic sound of click!

What can I say? She has the power that got people onto the dance floor and gave a strong and fresh impact along with her beats, sounds that married to pop vocals to its party crowd on that night. *whew* It was awesome possum~! :3

#20 - My favorite and gorgeous girls, Vivian K. and Samantha K.

#21 - Last but not least, introducing you the Champion of the Astro Battleground 2008, Elecoldxhot aka ECX from Malaysia. I dare to say that they demonstrated a superb standard performance on that night. (Y) *sizzling*

#22 - The current line-up consists of members Chriz Ooi, Billy Yap, Monkey Tan, Joey Ang, Dennis Yin, and Joe Lin.

 #23 - The party continued till late with DJ Hiloco.

 #24 - And, the party goers continued their activities. :p

#25 - Me with the lovebirds, Karmun and Aris.

#26 - Me and Henry. Our first conversation started off awkwardly, however he is one funny-sloopy guy. It was nice meeting him that night. (:

#27 - It was Elecoldxhot's performance again about sharp 1 a.m.! They totally rock the stage with LEDs on them. (Y) :D

 #28 - Elecoldxhot aka ECX -

On a different note, thank you so much to people who attended Elevate all the way from KL to Penang just to party and enjoy the wonderful performance with me. :D

#29 - Me with Victor and Terrance.

#30 - Kazy and his plus one.

#31 - I must say I had a great time partying with the person I love and surrounded with fun people, great bloggers. Thanks Elevate for making this party happened. Love, love!

xo Shirnie


Terrance Choo said...

wootss, good post yky. keep going yo!

Samantha Kong said...

Awesome post sweetie! I didn't know you got a candid picture of me. lol!

bendan said...

LIKE THE PHOTO You with henry.. haha!! Cute. XD

Shirnie Yip said...

Terrance C. - Thank you for yo' support! :D

Samantha K. - Thank you sugar sista! Yes I did hehe.. ♡

Ben Dan - Serious? heh, thank you sweety! :P