Sunday, 24 June 2012

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Shu Uemura Celebration Party

#1 - Shu Uemura had a celebration party at Suria KLCC Flagship Store for the Suria KLCC Blogger Contest that held some time ago. Jane Schwan, being one of the winner brought us girls along to Shu Uemura event. 

It was a small event where attender get to discover and experience the new Glitter Collection make-up demonstration by Shu Eumura Chief make-up artist, Lisa Yap.

#2 - Shu Eumura Chief make-up artist, Lisa Yap.

 #3 - Make-up demonstration. 
She's such an amazing make-up artist, she shared us lots of make-up tips during the demonstration.

One of the great tip she shared is adjust and shape our eyebrows.

#4 - Firstly, hold a pencil or a brush vertically so that it presses against the outside of your nostril. It is where the starting point of your eyebrow before the pencil's line.

 #5 - Secondly, move the brush from your nose out toward your ears. This should be the end of your eyebrow.

Lastly, make your arch where the end of the pencil meets your eyebrow and the pencil looks as if it is running straight through your pupil. Move the pencil over slightly so that the pencil looks like it is running by the outer edge of your pupil.

#6 - This is how we should shape our eyebrow pencil, a triangular shape makes it quick and easy to draw a thick line for the first half of the eyebrow, while the thinnest tip of the eyebrow pencil creates the thin line towards the outer half of the eyebrow.

#7 - Apply a clear coat of lip gloss, it gives a finish glow on your juicy lip. Don't over apply or it will be a mushy mess. *big grin*

#8 - Last but not least, Shu Uemura depsea water facial mist gives a refreshing and relaxing feel with an extremely fine mist that gently wraps our skin whenever our skin needs an instant thirst quenching relief. (Y)

#9 - The final look, the new Glitter Collection.

#10- Dessert bites. Mouth-watering, no? *batting eyelashes* :D

#11 - Memy sugar sister, Samantha. *big hug*  I knew her for a month now. She is such an amazing person and an avid blogger, do check out her awesome blog and big treat is awaiting you ahead at here. :D

#12 - A Shu Uemura product for each of the guests under Jane Schwan. 
I got an orange tone.

 #13 - It is an orange tinged with pink, pinkish-orange.


 If you are a lipstick lover, do check out Rouge Unlimited May 2012 Collection at here.


 This was a great celebration party and I had a wonderful time. Thank you to Lisa Yap for great make-up demonstration, communication and make-up tips, and the wonderful Jane Schwan and Tim Chew (MHB) for the invitation. *big grin*

xo Shirnie


Samantha Kong said...

Aww... You're the sweetest sister I ever have. <3

Shirnie Yip said...

I know right, I know heheee! *blushing* :D