Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Just Chillax :: Shisha Lounge ::

#1 Just because it's not holiday doesn't mean that you won't have fun in the monkey jamboree. 
I'm out like a decent hurricane. *tongue*

 #2 I always have to catch up with my girls. So, we had a very random day chilled out at Shisha Lounge @ Solaris, Mont Kiara. Hookah ain't that bad, fruit-scented tobacco. 
#3 There is something unique about Shisha Lounge. The ambience there is serene and peaceful. It is located at the highest floor so it's pretty windy up there. You have the chance to lie down or lean back while enjoying your hookah all by yourself or with your friends, which quite comfortable.

#4 With Yovell.

 #6 My tummy was growling as the night went on so I ordered my favorite food, kebabs. The kebabs were really tender and flavorful especially the lamb meat. *thumbs up*

#7 It is either served with rice or pita bread. Not that I never taste a rice before but I really love the rice served there, buttery and fragrant rice.
#8 Just chillax.

#9 Accompanied with snack. Everyone's favorite! :D

 #10 Random shot in our random night. Tee-heh!

 #11 BFF with cozy surrounding. *lovestruck*

 It is definitely a cozy location to chill out on any night.
As for me, I'll definitely come back for the kebabs and hookah there. Yes no kidding! :D

x Shirnie