Friday, 9 November 2012

Halloween 2012 :: The Freaks Come Out ::

Greeting all~❀
It's already November, my favorite month of all, how time flies.! November, which means my birthday is around the corner. No yay about it, sadly. I don't think it will be any special this year because of where am I now without my family and my bunch of beautiful flowers. Just me alone. /sobs. >:

Well well, Halloween has passed us by and Thanksgiving is just over two weeks away which 22nd of November is also my birthday as well. Oh my holy.., something special now. It's Thanksgiving plus my birthday, gotta think a plan for my turning-twenty day. Yay nao! :D

Here's some pictures during dee Halloween week-! 
(I realized a week has passed, but better than no update about it. /meh)..

Picture Credit to PHUNK'D.
Picture Credit to PHUNK'D.
Halloween House Party @ Peter's place. (Picture Credit to Timmy.)
Pre-drinks! (Picture Credit to Sharon Hung.)
I did his vampire make-up. Aite don't judge me, I ain't good at it. /meh

Apology for my not-so-good quality pictures, some pictures taken with phone. I am not able to take any good quality pictures with my camera now b'coz my camera is dysfunctional. I have no idea what hit its internal, it must be the ice cold weather. It must be the only reason as I know I treat my camera with great care.  ☹  Till then! x

xo Shirnie

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nottingham Goose Fair - 2012 -

It was a couple of weeks ago I had a 20 minutes walk filled with bubbly excitement to the Forest Recreation Ground with my friend. I never been nor heard of Goose Fair until I'm here in Nottingham in the pink of health. Just only a couple of weeks I’ve already fallen in love with the place. :D

Aite you must be wondering what on earth is "Goose Fair", it is an annual fun fair took place in Nottingham, England. It runs for five days once a year, during the first week of October and terribly bad news, it's all over for this year.

All the catchy lights, giggles, noises, toys and rides made this an amazing event for the young and old. The smells of dee candy floss, jumbo sausages, mushy peas and multi-national cuisine in the air still wandering in my head. It was indeed a fantastic timė at the Goose Fair~~!! -big grin-


Numerous games that required skills include darts, hook a ducks, grabbers, hooplas and etc. It was really fun playing these kind of skilled games for the first time, and laughed at our mutual  embarrassment. /meh

Haaaaveeee I make your heart skip a beat yet? -evil grin-

Top Buzz, this ride definitely kills!! 
It rotated passengers through 360 degrees in counterclockwise and clockwise directions, creating head-down, face-down drops, and don't-know-what-next to increase the scare factor. =|

See you again next year, Goose Fair~! x
xo Shirnie

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Corny pep talks

Greeting from East Midlands of England, Nottingham .. ☃~♡
Fall season, a time for new beginning. It is pretty cold between 11°C to 13°C now, the weather is killing me slowwwly with its ice cold and its companion, wind strong enough to blow my face offzz. Besides the weather, everything is pretty cool and amazing here in Nottingham! -big grin- :D

Burger King's cheese balls with chilli padi.
Just a little /meh for those of you who enjoy the robust of chewing on chilli padi. :D

Nottingham Trent University

Life just a little more hassle-free in the wonderful city site. I've been splurging a little more and exploring the parts of the city- I can't wait to share with you all.

PICK and MIX candy stall at Nottingham's Old Market Square. My all-time-favorite are gummy bear and chewy cola~~! /meh

.. Till then x

xo Shirnie

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers 2nd Anniversary Party

-ღ Advertorial ღ- 
1st of September, 2O12 ~ Saturday ~

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers 2nd Anniversary Party   
Presented by Carlsberg

I first joined Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers (MHB) community about 3 months ago on 19th of June. It's the day I found my inspiration and my motivation to blog again, raised my M.I.A domain from the dead. -yay- Many thanks to sugar sista Samantha Kong and Vivian Khoo tagged me as their companion to an event held by Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers community. Also, thank you much to Tim Chew for recruited me on the other day into such an exclusive and a wonderful community, which granted my wish to befriend with lifestyle bloggers with common interests and a habitual attraction for gracing exclusive events, enjoying happening parties and appreciating good to eat, wholesome to digest food. Not to forget, MHB community got me and my girl friends closer than ever. I've got these angels watching over me. Oh after all, I am a happy girl~! -big grin- :D

 Question of the day: What is MHB?

Malaysia’s Hottest Bloggers (MHB) was formed in August 2010 and is a very exclusive community of female bloggers. MHB’s bloggers consists of working professionals including radio DJs, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, models, MCs, students, and (remarkably) two psychologists, and Miss World Malaysia 2012. Topics members blog about include fashion, beauty, gadgets, travel, food and beverage, social issues, relationships, and indeed everything about the members’ exciting lifestyles, and are widely regarded as opinion leaders.

If you are a brand owner and would like to know how we can help to grow your brand, or if you are an aspiring female Malaysian blogger aged 18 and above who would like to be part of our exclusive community do drop us a line at Follow MHB’s exploits at

Malaysia's Hottest Bloggers 2nd Anniversary Party held at Ecoba Restaurant and Bar, Damansara Perdana, last Saturday. It celebrated with loads of ice-cold Carlsberg and food in Ecoba. 

ecoba is the ultimate neighborhood bar concept that brings dining, fashion, music and entertainment together earning itself, the undisputed reputation as being "The Sexiest Place in PJ". ecoba has both indoor and the al-fresco garden dining areas to cater to the individual’s preference while thirsty customers will definitely be happy with the many offers and reasonable prices especially during happy hours~!  

Look out for lots of exciting and upcoming events at
 Alcoholic beverages were courtesy of Carlsberg on that night. That Calls for a Carlsberg.

Carlsberg is an all malt lager brewed with a rich heritage and superior quality that goes all the way back to the year 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is available in more than 140 markets globally while being Malaysia’s most preferred beer brand. For the past 13 consecutive years, Carlsberg has won the Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand Award, and its second consecutive Gold Award at the Putra Brand Awards in 2011 bearing testament to the credibility of its quality and the values it represents.

Carlsberg has evolved to exceed expectations and undertook a global brand revamp in 2011 whereby it redefined standards and evolved to become a bolder, more modern and more approachable brand. Among the notable brands in Carlsberg Malaysia’s portfolio are Carlsberg, Asahi, Kronenbourg 1664, Hoegaarden, and Somersby cider.

Mai lovely sugars! (:

I had pesto spaghetti with cheese added on top. (Y) Aiks, talking about the dinner served on that night, I am starving and begin to drool by just looking at the food pictures now.

The pizza was well-prepared, served hot and fresh from the oven. 
Oh crap, I am tempted to order pizza delivery now too. My tummy is growling!! =/
Picture Credit to
The MHB bloggers and invited guests were enjoying the meal and drinks while catching up with the others. You can see, it was It was truly a chilling night out where the MHB members got to know each other better. -wink-

Me and my GFs, Samantha and Vivian~

 My plus one, as usual. -smug- :P

After a wonderful dinner session, it was entertainment session by Juliet’s of Eden (consists of MHB’s Sarah Low, Rachel Ng, Casey Wong, and Doreen), Ashley Mah (on violin) and Chelsea Chil. They got the ambience even heated up and every pair of eyes on them on that night. Indeed a big applause for them yeah~ :D

Soren Ravn as the Managing Director of Carlsberg Brewery Malaysia Berhad made his appearance on the stage too. He has music background as well, no doubt that he's good at rapping. :D

The night went on with ...

Psy's Gangnam Style song played got everyone's mood in some kind of euphoric and danced the significant move out of their comfy zone, the stage and anywhere. It was an epic night! :D

 A picture of the beautiful ladies, Povy and her friend.

 Till next update x -wink-

ecoba address:
PJ Trade Centre, 
Menara Bata (ground floor), 8 Jalan PJU 8/8a, 
Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya,  
Selangor, Malaysia. 
Reservation line: +603-77101118

xo Shirnie

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Dainty ✿ Dainty Daisies ✿

Greeting readers ~
It's been a hectic week and MY FAREWELL party is happening tonight. Daddy is busy working overtime setting up my party at his bistro, and god knows nothing beats having family members and friends around tonight. -big grin- :D

When things get busy, time slips by, but birthdays never wait. However, when it is someone special that we like a lot, our thoughts are always on time, it is just our greeting that is not. HEHE! :P Celebrated Joevy Yap's 20th Birthday at our usual hangout spot, Caffeinees, on Wednesday night with good ol' time high schoolmates.

Even tho' this celebration came to you a little late, the wish it brought for happiness is good on any day. Happy Belated Birthday again mai bff sweetypie~!  ♥  :D

They say "burn the candle at both ends", and I think it simply means celebrate one's birthday both before and after the exact birthday date. Sooo, we were lending our hands with the ''after'' part. HAHA! -smug- :P

We have been friends for 6 years. Of course we have other best friends, but when no one else would understand me I know that I could go to her and she would gladly share the weight of my burdens on her shoulders. Deep down, I never ever had a single doubt in my mind that I couldn't trust her. We had our fights like every friendship does too; however, in the end we would always come out together closer than we were before our argument. 

*Mai BFF* Thank you for being my Gfriend and letting me know that you will be there for me until the end. I just want you to know that I heart yo'~! :D

This tribute is for you mai BFF. Your positive energy and zest for life have such an impact on all those around you ~~

:: Strawberry Chocolate Fondue :: Cheezy wedges with caribbean dip sauce :: Fried Squid Heads ::

:: Argentina Red Wine :: French White Wine, Le Challenge ::


 Pre-zee for dee Birthday Girl, sparkling killer heels from Aldo. (Y)


Aite, it's time to doll myself for my farewell party tonight. -wink- 
'Till next update. x

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨¯`·.♥
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