Saturday, March 8, 2014

Barcelona V :: Poble Espanyol. La Rambla ::

The weather has treated us really good the entire stays in Barcelona at the end of the Summer, which I am really gladful up until now. At one of the midday, we visited Spanish Village - Poble Espanyol. A spacious, open-air architectural museum where you can freely wander around as you would like in a village and simultaneously enjoy the variety of Spanish architecture, tastefully handcrafted goods and gourmet food.

Not many tourists seem to keen in visiting as I thought so in the rather quiet area of Barcelona, so it was pretty peaceful made it a nice place to walk during our visit. The pebbled pathways, the stairs, the shops, and everything are well-made. We enjoyed strolling around this village with its examples of various Spanish architecture, and the shops with regional produce - often handmade goods. 

However, the entrance fee is a bit pricey for what has offers on a tight budget, not to mention the goods are overpriced yet tastefully.

Interesting place to visit, but not a-must.

After a couple of hours spent in Poble Espanyol, we took tube to La Rambla and explored even further. One block, to the other blocks. A pathway connected to another, another, and another. :p

My lovely Kayla! :p

A caricature of myself, speedily and skillfully drawn by a street artist named Audic. A lovely guy with a good sense of humour, can tell by the audience laughter around him in the process of drawing.

We are reaching the end of our stays in Barcelona, and the end of my updates on hotspots we had visited.

Thanks a million to her for making my stays in Barcelona full of joy. I've learned that even only two person go for a trip it can be very enjoyable as long as both of us are true to each other, where smiles are warm turn to joyful laughter. How I've missed our traveling trip together, Kayla!

Of course thanks for everything to my parents as well, without them I wouldn't be able to enjoy and expand my horizons so much in the United Kingdom. hahh. :DD

xo Shirnie

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Barcelona IV :: Park Güell . Port Olímpic ::

Greeting from Nottingham! (:
So, title says it all. Before we continue on the hotspots in Barcelona, I wish you all a splendid Chinese New Year with families and friends of a new year. (Y)

Yup, Park Güell! This municipal garden represents an amalgamation of architecture elements, structural ingenuity, and environmental landscape design, also designed by the brilliant Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudí.

Those huge desert plants I've seen at Park Güell reminded me of dinosaurs movie all the way back to the dawn of cinema as the atmosphere of rocks and plants everywhere gave me a feeling like I was visiting a dinosaur adventure park in Spain. :p

The park is skillfully designed to bring peace and calm to the earth that one would expect from a park. An oasis of serenity had amidst the bustling park with talented street musicians playing harmonious music at different locations. The park became even amicable with them around, I was really fortunate to be there! (hoho)

Stunning view on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district of Barcelona. Breathless!

Gaudí's mosaic work on the main terrace. His mosaic work in trencadis manifest all over the park, especially on the seating area that tastefully embellished with multi-coloured tiles.

And yess, I got to sat on his work for a short while for rest with my dearie after a long, long and steep walk at the park. Nothing to brag about, but I was thrilled on getting a seat for both of us at that time. (lol) It was part of the 'package' to me, if you get what I meant. :D

Waited in a queue about 30 minutes just to take a picture with the MOSAIC LIZARD!! Yay finallyy, one with that famous lizard sculpture. (bwahaha)

Lunch. Very appetising, nothing like this simple yet tasty from sauce to fries to egg to meatballs in Nottingham! or, have not found one yet. Mm. Anyway, a person like me who isn't fond of egg yolk found dipping the meatballs onto the soft-cooked egg yolk was truly mouthwatering, it was something I learned from my friend's Spanish friends. (Thanks!) (;

After a simply amazing lunch we had, we went back to hotel for rest and changed for a chill night out at Port Olímpic.

A well laid out restaurant with good, understandable menu(s) written in different languages. A very busy restaurant, but that did not worsen the service, the waiters were really friendly as well. We had a very tasty seafood paella, and fresh lobster there. Indeed a pleasant touristic restaurant to dine-in. ^_^

After a wonderful seafood dinner, we walked around the port and found a lot of sheesha places and were excited to try one so we entered the chosen one that was bright and busy enough to not give us any creepy feeling like the rest did. It was a truly chilled night out with my dearie Kayla as I enjoyed her presence alone so much. The sheesha wasn't as good as the one in Nottingham though.

Last hotspot to share in the next post, till then! :DDD

xo Shirnie